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The Sarabande Press was started in Manhattan by Joe Freedman. It has produced beautiful letterpress limited editions, designed and typeset over a thousand different books ranging from novels to scholarly books for major museums, won awards for its books and website, and has been in the vanguard of working with digital technologies to produce lasting and wonderful graphics.


Joe has invented the Cycloid Drawing Machine as well as three other drawing mahcines. The Cycloid features the use of gears with prime number of teeth to add constant changes to the drawing by shifting the lines out of phase. The Cycloid is still made in small batches and is available at our online store. The smaller Duograph drawing machine is no longer produced owing to its licensing by Thinfun toys. They produce the Hypnograph to Joe's design specs. It is available on Amazon and at local toy shops.


Joe has also invented a number of other optical toys such as a thaumatrope with mutilated gears to create the sense of motion form only two frames.


Sarabande's latest project is a website with very high resolution images for download. They are copyright free and can be used as illustrations or as elements in your own digital collage.